Who am I?

   Eli MALKI is the founder & CEO of “The New Generation of Business Development Consultancy”-1 Million Company, business & product & brand development company. He is an entrepreneur more than 20 years of executive experience in the business, marketing and internet space.Eli has founded serial startups in Europe and Turkey.

   He is a strategic & creative marketing leader with a track record of achieving rapid growth & building brands globally. Experience working in multinational companies, startups, B2B and B2C marketing. Driven to solve business problems and motivate people. He helped enterprise and big companies as a growth hacker to get them from zero to hero. He believes everything in life is possible with a “can do” attitude and a mindset that thrives on positive creative thinking.

I am here to create value for you

Also provides intellectual leadership by generating ideas and conceptual frameworks to guide research, analysis and output. He synthesizes numerous analytic efforts to draw meaningful conclusions and identify implications for recommendations to set a strategic direction for the establishment of short term and long-term business goals. Appreciates the nature of digital businesses that help organizations build meaningful, personalized and sustainable relationships with their consumers across digital channels.

My Skills

Business Development
Product Development
Executive Coaching
Brand Building
Lead Generation

   BAD NEWS! You have limited time to improve your business, project or institution. Time flies fast like an eagle and if you are as well not an eagle, you will hit that big mountain in every try.


“Growing and increasing profitability are one of the most important issues of every company.”


   GOOD NEWS! What if you had a partner that handles your all business instead of you? Would you like it? If you are saying “yes!” then we are here for you. I am here to create value for you and transform your business.

   For Consulting: He has helped dozens of companies.  He has helped activate hundreds. He has done it for numerous clients. And He can do it for you. Get contacted him by clicking this link. And please follow along on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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