Apple self-driving car layoffs sharing tips to the direction of the division

Apple said that it was going to bring 190 employees to its Titan project, turning rare windows into automotive technologies that the company has continued.

The technology company announced to the public authorities that in Santa Clara County, eight different rooms have been opened in Cupertino since 16 April.

Although the iPhone manufacturer has widely acknowledged its interest in driving cars, it has never been able to determine precisely which technologies it is working on and whether it is designed to build the entire vehicle or sensors, computer system and software.

Public documents provided by regulators contain some unpublished tips.

According to a letter sent earlier by Apple’s employment officials in California, at least two dozen software engineers were collected, including a mechanical engineer and 40 hardware engineers.

Some positions refer to physical products for consumers: three redundancies faced by product development engineers and ergonomic engineers. The reductions included a mechanical engineering teacher, although it is unclear how many machines were reported to the teacher and whether the shop produces cars or smaller electronics and sensor parts.

The layoffs appear to be the first major Titan project shots in Doug Field who returned last year as Vice President of Apple Special Projects after beating Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer.

Apple manages cars for the Knowledge Project because only about 5,000 Apple’s 140,000 full-time employees are involved in the business secrets of former Apple employees.

About 1,200 of them are “key employees” who “work directly on project development” according to a complaint that was cancelled in January.

Despite the change in the number of employees, it seems that the company has tested its attempts on California roads. Earlier this month, when the regulators submitted it, Apple said it had tested nearly 80,000 miles in its home country in 2018, far surpassing the 1,000 miles that had been logged in a year earlier.

But it was much smaller than the Waymo unit, which was registered in California last year for 1.2 million miles.



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