The powerful way: Brainstorming


Brainstorming, which is developed by Alex Osborn who is American advertiser is based on the 1930s and Alex Osborn developed brainstorming as a type of management system that could help to him in the working field but after that, it converts as an educational system with time. Brainstorming is a process of a group working that creating unique thoughts and ideas about an intensive subject by thinking aloud and suggest as many ideas as possible. Although while some of the people think brainstorming is a just useless practice other people think beneficial for some purposes that related subjects.


Why do people need for brainstorming?


Generally, brainstorming is a way that is used some situation which is not easy to get a result by gathering people in a group.


Fields of usage:

  1. Development of a product in a certain field: To create the newest product in a certain field or increase fast of product.
  2. Advertisement field: To create an interesting and impressive advertisement to increase selling.
  3. To solve the problem: To find a basic problem and its solutions.
  4. Management of production: To develop not only a subject that is worked on but also a step of production.


How can you do it?


We will tell you how to do it effectively because you need to relax in the relaxing chair and you are free and comfortable in the plugin, the second important thing is the atmosphere of the room, in cool and clear weather, you need a notebook to write down your idea, not to forget. You need people who are sincere with you to share your thoughts freely. Do not share your ideas and thoughts completely.


What are its purposes?


For example, there are many purposes of using brainstorming to solve problems that are encountered first, and the second is to explore new ways in case of things that are not enough for the problem. Ideas and thoughts that we did not know before.


What is it beneficial for?


Brainstorming gives us different kinds of ideas and thoughts that will help us to choose the most suitable for such ideas and thoughts, and this can be useful to us. In addition, while in the Brainstorming session, we discover our inner side that we did not notice.




All this information we have mentioned before is proof that helps us well to solve the problem, explore the inside, create useful ideas and thoughts. If you follow our previously mentioned instructions, you can knowingly get a good result.


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