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    Why Business Development important for companies?

    Well, as you are thinking about growing your small business, it is an excellent way to test what your product does for all other businesses in the market. Basically, you are going to partner with any other company for some reason, or you are going to do a deal. Business development focuses primarily on Reviewing […] More

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    8 Tips for Successful Business Development

    Consider these 8 guidelines to make sure you hire a business development person who can take your company to the next level. Many founders and CEOs get to the point where they ask, “We need to hire a business development person. Do you know anyone?” Few roles have more varied job descriptions than business development. […] More

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    7 Habits of Highly Successful Business Development Managers

    A habit can be defined as ‘any behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously’.When we work on something continuously, we start to lay down a pattern of behavior that is reflected in every time that specific situation occurs. This behavior becomes the norm for us and we see it as such; a […] More