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  • HR Softwares

    With technology becoming more and more intrinsic in our day to day lives, it is no surprise that it is taking over businesses and the way that they operate. One of the biggest ways that technology is currently helping businesses better themselves and make their operations more effective is in the HR department. Unfortunately, most […] More

  • How to expand a startup

         Expanding a startup is never easy but always the dream of any startup owner. Why else do we go into business and put in all that hard work if not to grow and succeed? We have all seen Uber and that is what we all want to be. When expanding a startup there […] More

  • The technology that could help clean up our air

    We all know that there is a technology that helps us breathe underwater while in a submarine. I mean if there weren’t all humans who use submarines would be dead. Well, scientists now think that this technology can be applied to our air in order to make it more “breathable”. It is thought that by […] More

  • How to create startups that people want to work for

    As your company grows creating a healthy startup work environment is essential. You recruit employees, grow the company and recruit again. But what about creating a work environment in a startup that makes you retain the initial employees? Startups often require a lot more work and much longer hours, therefore, more demanding requirements from their […] More

  • The food giants taking Uber up on competition

    We have all heard of Uber, the ride-sharing program that connects people to taxi drivers nearby. Uber is the startup company that is taking the world by storm and is now branching out into delivering food. They have however been hit, literally like a car accident with major opposition. Will Shus’ company, deliver m, that […] More

  • The new kids on the block

    The internet is taking over and it is taking over fast. There was a time where to hear our favorite song we would have to wait for it on the radio or buy a multitude of CDs. The same thing would happen when we attempted to watch a movie, we liked the look off. Now […] More