Nobody wants to hear orders about their business from a know-it-all smart-ass. But reading or earing an idea might change your point of view. Information can be obtained from different sources reading, investigating and listening. But knowledge can be identified as” objective information gained through experience” and its source is personal experiences. You can read and try to learn all about a hot oven and how can it burn your hand if you touch it. But when you see your big brother ’s burn mark on his palm and listen to him while he tells you the story about touching the hot oven can burn your hand, you will instantly understand the situation and realize the consequences because he tried it before and got hurt. He learned it in a hard way, but you don’t have to. You can just pay attention to his knowledge and experience while adding it to your own pile of information and use it for reaching a conclusion. The bottom line is, information is always important but if you back it up with experience, it is gold. Instead of telling you what to do, I will share my own experiences and knowledge and hopefully, it will lead you to the right way.

     The amount of information is not important, too much information does not necessarily mean useful and right. The right and valuable information is the key to success if used correctly. I am willing to share my knowledge and experience with you, which is obtained in different projects, brands, and products since 2001. Creating a business strategy can look like an easy job. But building and implementing it is the important part, and it is an essential step to success. With my ideas and experiences, I can help you as a marketing manager or a sales director before you have enough cash flow to hire a full-time employee.

     My articles consist of my thoughts, examples, and experiences gained from real events and golden tips which learned from the hard way by myself. I will generally write about topics such as Marketing, Business, and Brand Building. You can also find examples of Startup news, Technology news, Executive coaching and health notes.

You can be a team player in your job but if you are about to start your own business, you must have the necessary leadership skills for properly leading the business into the right path. If you take your steps right, make the necessary decisions and act as a leader, you can bloom your business as you wish. It does not matter how much you know because it is not possible to know it all. You can benefit from different ideas and experiences such as mine to make the right calls and reach real knowledge. If you are ready to start your long-time-postponed small business or creating the astonishing dream brand of yours, I am here to help while sharing my experiences and sparking different creative ideas in you.

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