Google, Amazon wants intelligent home appliances to give you more data

Since Amazon and Google are working to place their smart speakers at the heart of their homes, both technology giants expand the data they collect about customers who use their voice software to control other gadgets.

Google and Amazon need constant information about smart home gadget makers like Logitech and Hunter Fan.

Amazon and Google have collected data for several years each time someone used a white speaker to turn the door on or off. Now they are asking for a constant flow of information from smart home gadget makers such as Logitech and Hunter Fan.

In other words, after connecting the lighting device to Alex, Amazon wants to know every time the light is turned on or off, regardless of whether you asked Alex to change the switch. TVs have to play their own created channel. Smart locks must notify the operator when the front door bolt is on.

This information may seem like a daily comparison with smartphone location software that follows you or deletes your personal information from Facebook Inc. Having already gathered a digital record of activities in public space, critics say technology companies are now inclined to the beach.

“Find out how household behaviour is based on these patterns,” says Brad Russell, who follows the Smart Home product of park-based partners. There’s a lot to do. “

Some device manufacturers are pushing back saying that automatic updates do not give users enough information about what data they share or how it can be used. The public guidelines published by Amazon and Google do not appear to be limiting what companies can do when using information when using devices.

Amazon and Google say they collect data to make it easier for people to manage their home electronics. Automatic status updates reduce the time it takes to process voice commands and allow smart home hubs to provide up-to-date information on the screen or on a smartphone application. Greater awareness of what is happening enables them to proactively recommend useful uses to their voice assistants and develop new ones.

Smart speakers are one of the fastest growing consumer electronics categories run by Amazon’s Echo and Google home appliances. It pushed companies and their software Alexa and Assistant deeper into the compromises of useful services and data collection. Both have had public exercises about the privacy of voice commands, whether to keep private messages or send them to others.

The business success of voice assistants has increased dozens of companies interested in Internet-based TVs, kitchen appliances, and other devices. Many people start with connected devices after buying a smart speaker. Studies show that about a quarter of US smart speaker owners regularly use something else to manage them.

When smart speakers entered the market, they used it to remove another device. After receiving the “Alexa, Light On” command, the software asks the lamp manufacturer’s servers for the current lamp status. If the answer came back, confirming that the switch was off, instruct Alex to turn on the light

Now, last year’s accelerated push, Amazon and Google – and in some cases demand – make smart homeowners their relationship around. Instead, the bulb must always be equipped with its own state.

“Transfers to redundancies are probably never good,” says Ian Crowe, a computer and home electronics developer at Logitech International. “Before sharing data, we should have a good reason and our users should agree.

Logitech has tried to turn to Amazon and Google. Instead of saying that smart speakers do what every device connected to the Logitech Harmony’s remote control says, Crowe says Logitech will announce a broad description specifying that the user will view information about their channel selection.

“System knowledge is very important,” he says.




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