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How to find a lead on LinkedIn

How to find a lead on LinkedIn 


   LinkedIn provides several marketing tools that you can use to attract more users to your website and create sales opportunities for your team. LinkedIn also allows you to investigate your potential customers’ interests, problems, challenges and motivations; this can help you measure the suitability of your potential customers’ for your business or build your sales sites based on what you already know about them.


Here is how you can drum up your lead generation strategies on LinkedIn.


  • Use your Company Page as a Lead Sales Page

   Your company page on LinkedIn can provide redirects to your company’s website, so be sure to maximize the use of each item on your LinkedIn page. For example, you can prepare your business or company description to identify and differentiate your target audience, value proposition, and the type of service you provide.


  • Search for People and Groups

   There are two ways to search on LinkedIn, advanced search and group search. The first one helps you discover the people you need to connect based on demographic data such as location, industry type or job title, and more advanced filters like your common links, past links, and nonprofits.

   Meanwhile, group search helps you find out which ones are relevant to your niche market. You want to focus your search on high activity groups because that means they spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. This means that you have more opportunities to use them on the platform.


  • Follow Those Who Follow You

   “Who Viewed Your Profile?” Its feature is a great way to find and collect information about sales with LinkedIn tools that show details about these visits. LinkedIn will tell you what kind of device a particular lead is using to access your profile, where that lead is working, and what kind of work your lead is doing.

   At this point, it’s your turn to discover more about your potential customers, such as your common interests or connections. From there, you can start connecting points about why they are looking for you in the first place and reach them with a personalized marketing message.


  • Form Groups

   Having its own group on LinkedIn is another useful technique in B2B marketing. This strategy works as a simple reason to create a group to target potential customers who may benefit from contacting you. It also sets your brand as an industry expert who can help businesses address their challenges, needs and pain points.


  • Create Your Showcase Page

   LinkedIn allows you to create a “showcase page” for other brands that form part of your company. You can create multiple showcase pages especially for the units that provide the biggest sales for your business.


And more …


   Ultimately, LinkedIn allows you to establish yourself as an industry leader, making it easier to sell more for your team. So, don’t neglect the potential of this great lead generation channel. Show your brand, watch your audience and engage with your community for the best results!


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