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How to use LinkedIn in your Marketing Strategy

How to use LinkedIn in your Marketing Strategy


   LinkedIn offers unique benefits that you can not find on other social media platforms and stands out because it offers more than participation and brand awareness. This is the platform on which unwavering professional and commercial reputations are built.

   LinkedIn converts a lot more visitors to leads than other social networks. It is the best and the most ‘professional’ social media site for the business. For business-to-business or job seeking, LinkedIn is where the action is. It is having around 500 million users in which there are around 135 million business professionals worldwide. With this much of the user base, you would be sure that your potential customers will be there. You can follow other top professionals of your industry, can take advice and ideas from them and can make your business tactics better.


Benefits of LinkedIn for Marketing


  • Target audience for more qualified leads

   Use LinkedIn search as a power tool. Since LinkedIn has over 500 million users, narrow the list using the search feature to filter by region, industry, title, company and more. This makes it quick and easy to create leads, gain the talent, find a mentor or connect with an investor.


  • LinkedIn can build thought leadership and brand trust

   As a part of your content strategy, post provocative, insightful or groundbreaking articles or videos on LinkedIn to get big points in the thought leadership section. Unlike content, you can post on your own website, email newsletters, or other channels, your LinkedIn content has the chance to be approved by other respected professionals and business leaders in your industry when commenting or commenting on your post.


   The videos are great for telling the story of your brand. LinkedIn is working on video marketing opportunities and has made several changes to local video over the past year to help users interact with their audience using visual content and in writing.


  • Leverage Keywords in Your Profile

   Similar to optimizing your website or SEO copy, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to attract profile visitors based on the words you choose. Therefore, every word is important. Use common variations of your job title and duties to avoid being invisible due to semantics.


  • Build a Deep and Wide Network

   One of the best ways to get found on LinkedIn is to build up your network of connections. Certainly, you will want to focus on having a quality network, but don’t be afraid to expand your connections. LinkedIn does value both the depth and breadth of a member’s network, especially when showcasing search results. Every new connection you make is an opportunity to enhance your visibility.


   There are countless ways you can use LinkedIn to make your content marketing strategy much more dynamic, connected, and valuable to your target audience.


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