I am delighted to share with you all the experience I have gained in my own life since the year 2001. I had an opportunity to practice the information I have learned in my academic life to put it in my real life. In fact, academic knowledge is taught only in theory and it wasn’t enough for me to start my business life with this knowledge. At this point, I decided to practice in business life situations. The more active you are in business life, the more chance you can apply this information in practice, basically I have needed to practice and improve my skills. Of course, each application returns you like a different result and each result returns you like a different experience this is the way to improve your business skills. This point is very important for how many projects you can carry out and how much you sell and to how many people you can reach and communicate with.

     I hope that my writings will help you to develop your own personal development skills and create a vision for your development and marketing of your products. Remember, our life is based on shopping and in this century the world is all about the globalization, be a part of it don’t stay out of the trading. We need to take something to give something in every instance of our lives.