Nintendo plans two new Switch models

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Nintendo plans to publish two new Nintendo Switch models already available this summer in the Wall Street Journals report, referring to Nintendo component suppliers and software developers.

One model would be a higher-priced system with advanced hardware similar to the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, though not as strong as the report. Another would be a “cheaper option” designed to replace the ageing Nintendo 3DS, whose sales have finally begun to break down

This cheaper switch would reduce costs by eliminating features such as controller vibration. This is a step that would make some games, such as 1-2-Switch and Super Mario Party, unplayable, but Nintendo thought the new Switch models didn’t need vibration because there wouldn’t abe many games that would be useful, “listed supplier.

According to WSJ, the new Switch Hardware variant may appear in E3 in June.

Nintendo publishes some time on its portable and console hardware changes in its lifecycle. These exceptions are usually cosmetic, but their basic hardware features or software compatibility are based on little change. One contraindication, the new Nintendo 3DS 2015, gave this system a low power and a second analogue button before its completion in 2017.

Recognized switching models have been labelled almost two years ago. The Wall Street Journal has previously announced these rumours in October, focusing on the new model’s new LCD display provider. Japan’s second January Nikkei News Service report offered a miniature switch that focuses on portability.

In May, the cheaper dock-free switch was sold by Nintendo Japan, although the actual console tool did not change from the standard package.



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