Your Elevators Are Under Control

While today’s industry continues to move toward industry 4.0, where are we in this process?

Cars that work for humans now run with electricity and burn less gas and giving information about their location. If necessary, they can talk to you and park on their own.

So where do trains transport people in this process? The trains now have serious automation system that challenges airplanes whose speed reaches almost the speed of sound. They are equipped with sophisticated software and hardware security, monitored every millisecond. They adapted the same process on a human plane.

What about elevators? Are there any necessary security measures? Can the elevator talk to us? Wouldn’t it be nice to tell us about their problems?

That’s where we come in. Thanks to our high-tech software, hardware and security tools, our elevators now begin to communicate and become more secure. All our elevators are controlled every second. “The Virtual Engineer” we developed with the slightest mistake offers the exact solution.

So, Do You Need Urgent Intervention?

No Problems, “The Virtual Engineer” immediately notifies the nearest elevator technician, sending videos showing him how to solve the problem, and tells him which parts he should take with him.

Well, we make mistakes in upgrading the elevator. We have a hard time. What will happen?

It’s not a problem. “The Virtual Engineer” that we have developed accompanies you around the clock with necessary videos and documents on how to install the elevator controller.

How can I use this Virtual Engineer?

Contact your local distributor or contact us to ask for our control panels connected to innovative IOT.


Don’t mind this either. Because “The Virtual Engineer” gives you training on how to install our control panels.


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  1. Excelente, iniciativa e ideia do engenheiro virtual.
    Realmente os diagnósticos dos elevadores atuais, mesmos os mais tecnológicos, ainda são pobres nesse quesito.

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